Director‘s Commentary:

"Silent World" is the story of a journey into the unknown. I am interested in characters who do something grand, who dream of exploring new territory. What effects has the "unknown" on the man who penetrates it? I wanted to show what happens when the human desire for discovery and conquest meets the indifference and mercilessness of nature. An underground cave is one of the strangest and most hostile places to which a person may decide to venture. This was especially true over 100 years ago. In the 19th century, dark caves were a largely unknown world. 

I have always been fascinated by stories of people who venture into unknown worlds. This film is also a tribute to explorers as they are portrayed, for example, in the stories of Jules Verne.


Feature Film, 76 Min


The year is 1873. Heinrich, a geologist, is on a quest to understand nature. While working in a forest, he discovers a deep hole in the ground which immediately fascinates him. Are the answers to his questions at the bottom of this mysterious sinkhole? 

The next morning, he descends into the abyss and discovers the entrance to an extensive cave full of natural treasures. He begins to draw a map but after hours of exploring, the cave turns out to be a giant maze...